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Do electric toothbrushes really work?

Yes, electric toothbrushes are significantly more effective than manually brushing with a regular toothbrush. Everyone should spend two minutes brushing their teeth both morning and night, but most people do not even spend 30 seconds! When an electric toothbrush is used, the bristles are moving much more rapidly than a person can move a brush, which allows for better cleaning in any amount of time. Electric toothbrushes will remove more plaque and tartar than manual brushing, and are more gentle on the gums, therefore offering the best clean without causing gum recession. We always recommend electric toothbrushes, but especially for patients with a history of aggressive brushing, recession, root abrasion, periodontal disease, heavy tartar build-up, or a high decay rate. Any electric toothbrush will work, but we prefer a rotary brush with a small brush-head and soft bristles.

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