Crowns and Bridges

Our office is proud to offer same-day crowns and bridges. A dental crown and some bridges can usually be placed in our office in ONE VISIT! First, we prepare your natural tooth to receive the restoration and then we use a digital scanner to take impressions of your teeth.

The digital scanner is very small, comfortable in the mouth, and requires no gooey impression material! The digital impression accurately represents the position of your natural teeth so that your restoration fits perfectly.

Digital Impressions

The digital impression is then used in our CAD/CAM software to create your permanent restoration. The doctor custom designs your crown or bridge on the computer and then it is milled with our PlanScan CAD/CAM mill.

Our talented dental assistants then add the proper characterization to further customize your restoration, and then it is finished in a very hot oven. The restoration is made out of tooth-colored ceramic, which is both beautiful and strong. The process of fabricating a single crown in our office takes about 45 minutes; during this time, you are welcome to relax in our comfortable massage chairs and watch television, take a nap, or leave the office to run an errand!

Once the restoration is finished, we will check the finished restoration for the proper fit, making adjustments as necessary. Then, the restoration is bonded into place and you are able to fully use your new crown or bridge for chewing as soon as you leave our office.

Occasionally a crown or bridge is not completed in one visit, and in that rare situation we fit you with a temporary crown or bridge that you wear while awaiting your second visit to receive the new restoration. Sometimes this is done as a matter of convenience for the patient’s personal schedule, or for financial consideration.

Call to Schedule an Evaluation

Before you leave our office, we will give you instructions on caring for your new restoration. The restoration is fully functional, but you should remember that it requires special care to prevent damage and the need for replacement. If you practice proper oral hygiene and schedule regular dental cleanings and exams, your new restoration will last for many years. Please call our office today to schedule an evaluation and learn more about your options!